Svalbard Social Science Initiative

The Svalbard Social Science Initiative is a association of social science, humanities and arts-based researchers working with a wide range of issues on Svalbard. Our platform helps coordinate research activities and communication with the local community.

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Documentary “The Visitors” nominated to Gulluglen

The Visitors (CZ-SK-NO, 2022), the documentary portraying the work of Zdenka Sokolickova about climate change, tourism and local identity has been nominated to Gulluglen at Bergen International...

Good news 3

This time congratulations goes to Dina Brode-Roger who has been selected as one of the first Grímsson Fellows. She will be heading to Iceland to work on a...

Good news 2

More good news from our members! This time congratulations goes to Julia Olsen who has just become a member of The Young Academy of Norway. Julia is an environmental sociologist and...

Good news 1

Our member Alexandra Middleton has been appointed as the Citizen Science Ambassador for the European Citizen Science project (ECS) in Finland! The European Citizen Science project is focused on...

Season’s Greetings

The SSSI wishes you a relaxing holiday season and all the best for 2023! Photo: Longyearbyen December 2022 by Elizabeth BOURNE

Writing workshop on Svalbard Imaginaries

As part of the ongoing work of the SSSI Imaginaries Group, a workshop was held in Bielefeld from Nov 1-3. For the past year, the group has been focusing on building a collection of articles focusing...

Presentations about Longyearbyen – past and future

In times when the last remaining Norwegian coal mine, Mine 7 outside of Longyearbyen, is supposed to close down and be replaced by green technology - a closure that is now possible being postponed...

“Arctic Methodologies” workshop

On 26 April 2022, a three-hour online-workshop on ‘Arctic methodologies’ was held with significant participation from SSSI. Discussions primarily focused on practical aspects of doing social science...

IASSA’s Newsletter Northern Notes

The latest issue of Northern Notes, the newsletter of the International Arctic Social Sciences Association (IASSA, has just been released. It is the first newsletter under the new presidency in...

SSSI Annual Report 2021

2021 was an eventful year for the SSSI. Check out the SSSI Annual Report 2021 to read more about our activities and projects! You can access the Annual report through this link:...



Members are those currently working on a longterm, field-based, academic project on Svalbard and who are able to dedicate a part of their time to maintaining and furthering our growing association. This includes all academic projects, from the social sciences to the humanities and the arts.

Related Projects

For all projects that deal with issues and/or subject matter related to Svalbard but that are not associated with a university. This includes, but is not limited to, art-based projects, experienced-based projects, personal projects etc.