Eliška Soukupová

Contact info: eliska.soukupova@uhk.cz,

+ 420 608 224 689

Planned fieldwork periods on Svalbard: 3–29 July 2019

Czech “Arctic explorers”: Anthropology of tourism on Svalbard in the context of globalization

About: My stay on Svalbard is meant as fieldwork for the purpose of my Bachelor thesis about tourism, globalisation and their effects on this unique place. The supervisor of my thesis is Zdenka Sokolickova, a social anthropologist currently living and researching in Longyearbyen. The main goal is to focus on Czech researchers and tourists who travel to places representing adventure and wilderness. I am going to study the reasons why Czech researchers and tourists visit Svalbard, what their expectations are, how they feel when they are leaving and how they reflect on the environmental impact of the rising number of people coming to the Arctic.