The Visitors (CZ-SK-NO, 2022), the documentary portraying the work of Zdenka Sokolickova about climate change, tourism and local identity has been nominated to Gulluglen at Bergen International Film Festival, the largest film festival in Norway. The Golden Owl (Gulluglen) is the University of Bergen’s competition programme for research and science documentaries. 

Czech anthropologist Zdenka Sokolickova moved to the Svalbard archipelago north of Norway to study the effect of globalisation on the world’s northernmost town Longyearbyen. Expecting the locals to be up in arms about global warming, she soon discovers that their main concern is the demographic changes which threaten the islands’ Norwegian identity. With its critical perspectives on Norwegian Svalbard policy and patriotism, The Visitors is a thought-provoking documentary about Norway’s most international community.

Zdenka will be discussing the movie in Bergen on 24 October. More info: