In spring 2020 LPO Architects Longyearbyen and Svalbard Social Science Initiative arranged nine focus groups (structured group interviews) to find out how inhabitants of Longyearbyen perceive and use the town, and what needs and dreams they associate with the place. In the exhibition we present the results of these conversations on posters with quotes and maps. 

Now we exhibit our findings on posters in the center of Longyearbyen, on the building fence outside of the Svalbardbutikken.

If you are in Longyearbyen, come by if you’d like to know where people like to hang out, how Longyearbyen’s identity is perceived by different groups, or whether or not people are missing the bridge over to Skjæringa!

The project is part of an needs assessment of the self-initiated LPO project “Right Place Right Form”, funded by DOGA (Design and Architecture Norway).

Foto by Ingvild Sæbu Vatn
Preparing the exhibition. Foto by Alexandra Meyer.