Alexandra Middleton


Oulu Business School, University of Oulu

Postdoctoral Researcher at Oulu Business School


My research focuses on social, environmental and economic sustainability and human security in the Arctic regions. I have multiple publications on demographics, social development, human capital, smart cities, connectivity, and transport in the Arctic. My research deals with the topic of citizen participation in the Arctic institutions at regional, international and global levels.
In Svalbard context, I study the availability of comprehensive, up-to-date demographic and socioeconomic statistics on Spitsbergen’s Norwegian (Longyearbyen and Ny lesund) and Russian (Barentsburg and Pyramiden) towns. I investigate whether the changes occurring on Svalbard are reflected in the strategy documents published by the Norwegian and Russian governments and Svalbard-related organizations. The aim of my research on Svalbard is to create awareness for improved knowledge base for management, including social science data, and better mechanisms for integrating science in policy- and decision-making