Annette Löf


Researcher in Environmental Communication, Dept. of Rural and Urban Development, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Project duration: Fieldwork is planned for next summer (August 2021, postponed from 2020 due to Covid circumstances) on board the SEES expedition and possibly with an additional field work period on Svalbard in 2022.     





SVALUR and SEES expedition 2020 (postponed)

The importance of integrating different voices, knowledge systems and ways of knowing to our understanding of environmental change, human response and resilience is increasingly emphasized, not least in the Arctic regions. Building on previous research in Svalbard, Belmont Forum funded SVALUR and Understanding environmental in the Arctic: On board the SEES expedition are projects that aim to bring together experiential knowledge generated from people who live, work or explore Svalbard with knowledge from formal scientific environmental monitoring. With a broad interest in exploring how people perceive and make sense of environmental change,Annette will contribute in developing story- and narrative-based approaches as well as situating the stories from different sociopolitical actors in a broader governance context. Her research primarily draws on collaborative and interactive approaches as a way of deepening our understanding of sustainability challenges and visions in a Northern context. Previous work centers on governance and collaborative initiatives and includes e.g. a critically oriented study on climate change adaptation and indigenous Sámi reindeer herding in Sweden (Challenging adaptability). She has also contributed to Swedish national reports and committees related to climate adaptation as well as the Arctic council AACA-C report on climate adaptation in the Barents region.