Birgitte Nygaard


PhD-candidate, at the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies of Culture, NTNU, Norway

Fieldwork periods: Aug.-Oct. 2022, tentatively Sep. 2023
RiS-Link: , +47 969 25 709

Framings of Norwegian Wind Energy Futures: Big politics and local energy transitions in Longyearbyen

My work focuses on questions related to the future energy transition in Longyearbyen, how the transition is framed by different local actors and negotiated in policy processes, and which perceived burdens and benefits are presented. I explore expectations linked to the impact of the energy transition of Longyearbyen – as a local community and a place of geopolitical interest. Further, a focus will be on place attachment as an opportunity or a barrier for the energy transition. ┬áThe research in Longyearbyen is part of my PhD-thesis which more broadly focuses on framings of wind power in energy transitions, which directions are envisioned and promoted, and how this links to Norwegian national identity and geopolitics.