James Badu

Affiliation: PhD Student, Business School, Nord University, Bodø, Norway


Phone: (+47) 405 79 064

Email: james.badu@nord.no

Supervisor: Gunhild Birgitte Sætren (Business School, Nord University, Bodø, Norway)

Project Duration: November 2022 – November 2026

RiS Link: https://www.researchinsvalbard.no/project/18390000-5bfa-72be-4452-08dab6767e01/project-info

Adapting to climate change responses at the community level: resilience and crisis management in the Arctic (ADAPT)

The project reflects that the climate is changing faster in the Arctic, making it an important case for understanding both climate change itself and how we, as a society, especially at the local level, could build adaptive resilience to climatic changes.

The project aims to explore the following research questions;

  1. How are local communities preparing for the climatic changes?
  2. What factors influence local communities to adapt to climatic changes, and what challenges do they face?
  3. What are the influences of crisis communication and policymakers’ trustworthiness for a population to cope with a climatic crisis?

The project is part of a doctoral thesis that would span four years.