Kristin Weis

Affiliation: Carter School of Peace and Conflict Resolution, George Mason University (USA)

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Planned fieldwork: June 18-July 20, 2023

Charting The Relationship between Tourism, Sense of Place, and Conflict in the Circumpolar North

Faced with increasingly complex challenges, Arctic communities must navigate decision-making processes and governance outcomes affecting their social-ecological systems. Within this context, the relationship between tourism, sense of place, and conflict emerges as an area that warrants critical analysis. Although the literature on tourism and sense of place has often been studied separately from conflict studies, their historical trajectory and the growing prominence of tourism in the region necessitate a comprehensive understanding of this intricate relationship. This study aims to shed light on the unique dynamic between tourism, sense of place, and conflict in the Arctic, providing new insights into human-nature relations within local, national, and international settings. Drawing on interview data gathered in Svalbard, Norway, the findings of this study aim to help inform social-ecological decision-making processes at multiple scales to address complex areas of rapid change.