Lisbeth Iversen, one of the founding mebmbers of the SSSI, has been part of the expert panel of the Nordic Council of Ministers in the work with a new and more holistic smart city strategy with a a special focus on people, co-creation, social sustainability and liveability in our local societies.  

Through an open and collaborative process, Nordic organisations have developed a joint framework for smart city work, aiming for a more holistic and people-centred perspective on what constitutes a smart and sustainable society. The Nordic Smart City Roadmap provides a framework for smart city work in cities and municipalities both in the Nordics and internationally. Based on common Nordic values such as trust, equality, and co-creation, it will form a narrative of what constitutes a Nordic smart city – making it globally accessible for cities and municipalities around the world to understand and learn from its purposes and qualities 

“It is a pleasure for me as a member of SSSI to see how the understanding for a more holistic and society oriented approach to future challenges and opportunities is beeing aknowledged. Hopefully this can also inspire us in our collaboration here in Longyearbyen and on Svalbard. The Roadmap is not the answer to all questions, but hopefully an inspiration and guiding tool for the  local work for a more sustainable future. In Longyearbyen the new society plan based on UN sustainability goals is in process, so there are great possibilities for Longyearbyen to take the lead in the work with sustainability and a greener and more just and inclusive society.”

Lisbeth Iversen. Photo: Mona Hauglid