On Thursday the 9th of May, Sam Saville and Dina Brode-Roger were invited to join the Scott Polar Research Institute’s Polar Humanities and Social Sciences (PHaSS) meeting in Cambridge, UK. After presenting their individual research projects, they then presented the newly created Svalbard Social Science Initiative (SSSI) and were pleased by the warm welcome they received. These kinds of exchanges are essential to developing a strong collaborative network amongst researchers in the polar regions because they create awareness of current research projects and research issues, facilitate communication and pave the way for future collaboration. After the meeting, the discussion continued over lunch with three of the PHaSS doctoral and post Doc researchers.

​Pictured at SPRI, from left to right: Johanne Bruun, Henry Anderson-Elliot, Dina Brode-Roger, Samantha Saville, and Morgan Seag​