At the Arctic Congress in Bodø, several members of SSSI participated in a panel session called ‘The cultural, societal, and political dimensions of energy transition in the Arctic.’ This panel, convened by SSSI members Tiril Told Hansen and Jacob Taarup was moderated by Dina Brode-Roger. In addition to the conveners, the panel also consisted of SSSI members Lisbeth Iversen and Birgitte Nygaard. Joining in the discussion were also Gwen Holdmann and Magnus de Witt from the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The discussion started off with looking at locally-based research and community needs, especially as in relation to vulnerabilities and needs in an Arctic context and the way various transitions are happening. After, the themes moved to socio-economic impacts and broader, grid-wide systems and geo-political considerations. The SSSI would like to thank all who attended and participated in this interesting and timely discussion.